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Here at Keystone, we strive to improve the breed and to make sure dog fanciers get the support that they need. Sometimes it may seem like we are too strict or serious, but we want the best situation for the dog and its' new owner. We also believe that not everything is black and white. Therefore, we use guiding principles to help us along the way. Then we use better judgment to draw conclusions from the research. There are so many different opinions on each subject, that it can be very confusing at times. We believe that if you keep the best interest of the breed in mind, and make decisions based on solid information; you should be right the majority of the time.  If you hear rumors that do not seem right, ask the person to prove it.  That will help you to learn the facts.

The research we have gathered indicates that nutrition and exercise play a very significant role in ensuring your Giants live a long, healthy, and happy life. Therefore, we recommend you feed one of the quality, premium dog foods like Eukanuba, ProPlan, etc. We also recommend giving daily 500mg of vitamin C, pet tabs, brewers yeast (for fleas), raw meat, fruit and vegetables with plenty of fresh water. Keeping your Giant current on inoculations (but not too often) will give them the prevention of common sicknesses in your area of the country. We do not put excess stress on the growing bones by use of stairs or "road work" conditioning until they are at least 15 months old. We give them free exercise to run and jump at their pace, chasing a ball, toy or Frisbee.

We stand behind our Giants and want the best, just like you do. So we need to give the pup the best chance at health and quality of life by doing our homework. Therefore, we study the dam and sire in person, as well as their pedigrees, to find that perfect match.

Keystone Kennel guarantees:

  • HEALTH: We guarantee each dog to be in good health, body and mind. You should have your vet confirm the pup's health within the first 2 days of arrival. If anything is found wrong, let us know immediately and we will correct it. If we are unable to correct the problem, we will replace the pup at no charge, of the same quality as soon as one is available. In addition, a veterinarian's diagnosis of a congenital death (within the dog's first two years of life), will be guaranteed replacement. We can no longer be responsible for any kind of accidental death/injury or from any contagious disease or other problems contracted outside of my immediate and direct control.
  • DYSPLASIA: We guarantee against crippling hip dysplasia. You need to submit your dog's radiographs to PennHip or OFA by 26 months of age. If the dog has developed crippling dysplasia (we have the right to request a second opinion), send us confirmation and the AKC papers, and we will replace the dog (cost of ear crop).
  • LIMITATIONS: This guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is nontransferable. The puppy must be registered with the Keystone name, in good physical condition, and the ears must be standing. No replacement will be given if the male or female has been bred, neutered, spayed or the registration application form has expired. Arrangements must be made ahead of time. Owner is responsible for transportation costs to and from Keystone Kennel. No other guarantees apply.

Looking forward to sharing experiences with you, assisting you in your needs, and providing you the opportunity to own a Giant of Eminence- a Keystone Giant.

Kelvin Robbins

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