Please print out form and complete fully once you have decided to purchase a Keystone pup. When complete, mail this form and your non-refundable $300 dollar deposit to: "Kelvin Robbins"

Kelvin Robbins
14021 Ashley Rd.                                               
Minooka, IL 60447
Phone: (630) 212-3175


Congratulations on your first step towards Keystone ownership. This is a big decision because this will be the beginning of a long, rewarding relationship. We take seriously the placing of a Keystone pup with the right family so that everyone, including the dog, is happy. To properly match the puppy with the family, we ask that you take a few moments to complete this questionnaire.

How many people in the household:_______ Their ages:__________________

What size yard will the pup have to play in:___________Fenced:_(Yes or No)__________

Are you a previous pet owner:________ What type of pet(s):______________________________

Do you still own them:______ If not, why:____________________________________________

What type & level of training experience do you have:____________________________________

What type/brand of food do you feed:_____________________________________________________

What do you want to do with the pup (circle all that apply):

Obedience / Show in Conformation / Breed / Agility / Companion/Herding

What quality do you want: (show, breeding or companion) :________________________________

Do you want male or female or open:______________ Cropped or Uncropped: _____________

Do you want German or American style coat :___________________

Would you consider an older giant:  (Yes or No)______

What support do you expect you will need: (ie. grooming, training, nutrition, showing or other)_____________________________________________________________________

Do you have any specific questions:________________________________________________

How did you hear about Keystone Kennel:______________________

Thank you for completing this. Now we are better able to find the right match for you. Once you decide that a KEYSTONE pup is for you, return the questionnaire with a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold your special pup order. It is refundable only if we can not match your requests above. Payment schedule: At 6 weeks of age we ask for an additional $500, and the balance at 10 weeks of age. Arrangements for puppy pickup or shipping need to be made before they are 9 weeks old. Contracts will be emailed to you prior to shipping.  Remember that all pet quality pups come with a limited registration, and spay/neuter agreement, and can not be used for breeding. By signing the bottom you are agreeing with our principles and goals of creating a happy, healthy Giant through good nutrition, exercise, quality training, socialization and general love for its very being.

Looking forward to sharing experiences with you, assisting you in your needs and searches, and providing you the opportunity to own a Giant of Eminence- a KEYSTONE giant. Sincerely, Kelvin Robbins.

Your Name:________________________________ Date:__________

Address:__________________________________ Deposit $:______

City/State/Zip______________________________ Phone:_______________ Email:______________


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